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ICPC-2e Translations

This page contains links to ICPC-2e translations and pagers in some of the languages ICPC-2e has been translated to.
There is a complete list of ICPC-2 pagers on the WICC pager web page as well.
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Pager Version
Submitted by
Azeri Azerbaijan          
Castillian Spain See Spanish        
Catalan Spain Pager   http://www.kith.no/icpc2e Sebastià Juncosa Sebastià Juncosa
Czech Czech Rep.          
Cinese China Pager June, 2006     Dept. of Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare Hong Kong East & West Cluster, Hospital
Croatian Croatia Pager v.1.0     Ines Zelic Baricevic
Danish Denmark Pager 2011-03-24   Bo Nedergaard DAK-E
Dutch The Netherlands Pager       University Ghent
English Master version Pager ICPC-2e v.4.1   Anders Grimsmo  
Finnish Finland Pager v.4.0 Mårten Kvist Kristian Ulfves, Espoo health centre
French Belgium Pager   http://www.cispclub.org/  
Michel Roland et Marc Jamoulle
German Germany Pager v.3.8   Thomas Kühlein
Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg
Greek Greece Pager     Dimitris Kounalakis  
Hebrew Israel          
Hungarian Hungary          
Icelandic Iceland          
Indonesian Indonesia          
Italian Italy Pager October 2008   Jean K. Soler Nicola Buono et.al
Japanese Japan Pager 2007.5.27      
Maltese Malta Pager July 2009   Jean K. Soler Jean K. Soler
Norwegian Norway Pager ICPC-2e v.2.0 http://www.kith.no/icpc-2/ Anders Grimsmo Anders Grimsmo 
Polish Poland          
Portuguese Portugal Pager   http://www.acss.min-saude.pt/Portals/0/apmcg_ICPC%20v%201.7.pdf Daniel Pinto Grupo ICPC - APMCG
Romanien Romania Pager 2-a http://www.medfam.ro/medinet/icpcro.htm Marius Marginean Centrul Naţional de Studii pentru Medicina Familiei
Russian Russia Pager      
Serbian Serbia          
Slovenian Slovenia Pager       Gojimir ŽORŽ
Spanish Spain Pager January 2009 http://www.semfyc.es/es/informativo/ciap_2/   Juan Gérvas
Swedish Finland Pager v.4.0 Mårten Kvist Mårten Kvist
Turkish Turkey Pager 2006
  Turkish Association of Family Physicians. Ankara:RNA Yayıncılık
Vietnamese Vietnam          
Language list updated 15. October 2010 (WICC Ghent)
Last updated:  19.11.2012
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