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The ICPC-2e versions on this page follow the ICPC version numbering system introduced by the WICC Update Group in November 2005. 
ICPC-2e-v.5.0 19. May 2015
This updated version has changes for the process codes. The process codes now have information about "inclusion", "exclusion", "criteria", "consider" and "note".  This version is published in excel, Access and ClaM.
ICPC-2e-v.5.0 (zip, 615k)
ICPC-2e-v.4.4 12. January 2015
This updated version has several changes in mapping to ICD-10. This version is published in excel, Access and ClaM.
ICPC-2e-v.4.4 (zip, 330k)
ICPC-2e-v.4.3 15. September 2013
This updated version has several changes in mapping to ICD-10. This version is published in excel.

(Build 424) 4. May 2012
The new ICPC-2e-v.4.2 is updated according to WICC meetings in Ghent (2010), Barcelona (2011) and the WICC "ICD10 updategroup".
The ICPC-2e-v.4.2 has changes in many rubrics, but the major changes are in the mapping to ICD-10.
The ICD-10 mapping is against the latest version from WHO. ( downloaded from (The files are dated 20.10.2011 but codes.txt 11.01.2012)

ICPC-2e-v.4.1 (Build 413) 16. May 2011
This ICPC-2e-v4.1 file is “normalized” according to the WICC meeting in Ghent in October 2010.
The file is corrected for errors and has only minor text changes. Most of the changes are in inclusion and exclusion terms.
ICD10 references are from the 2005 ICPC-2R book(CD).

ICPC-2e-v.4.0 (Version 1.0) 22. September 2008
This version has been removed, and will be published when the identified errors have been corrected.
This version was finalized by WICC in January 2005. It corresponds to the book version ICPC-2-R. The electronic version is limited to chapters 10 and 11.
You will need either the datafiles or the Access database, see the technical guide (word, 71 kB):


This version used to be named "March 2002 version".
Last updated: 07.05.2012
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